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Food & Bier   /   November 07, 2017

The Big Three

You probably know that the Hofbräuhaus St. Louis – Belleville has a microbrewery, but what do you know about our brew? We won’t be making hoppy IPAs, smoky porters or fruity sours…there’s nothing wrong with those, they’re just not our style.

We’re the only brewery in the St. Louis area using authentic, centuries-old German recipes for our beers. Plus, all of our beers are brewed according to the Purity Law of 1516. [link to purity law page]

We’ll have a smattering of seasonal favorites throughout the year, but we’ll always have three Classic Bavarian Beers on tap that are sure to please any palate.

The Original – this is a full bodied lager with a balanced flavor.
Hefe Weizen – a fruit-forward wheat beer.
Dunkel – a rich, subtly spicy darker option.

Check out our beer page for more information on these and all of the tasty beers we’ll be serving at the Haus.

Experience   /   November 21, 2020

COVID Updates (Updated 11-21-20)

November 21, 2020

Holiday Drive Through

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Mardi Gras Weekend!

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Live Music Brunch on Sundays

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NYE Kinderfest Dec. 31

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Brunch with Santa!

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Thanksgiving at the Haus!

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Father's Day 2019

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Spouses' Club Charity Raffle

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Mother's Day Kinderfest!

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Mardi Gras Menu

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St. Paddy's Day at the Haus

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Ten for $10 Lunch

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Thanksgiving Buffet

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Happy Hour Starting Next Week